Critical State and International Border Advice.

Critical State and International Border Advice.

Travelling has changed, and you will need to do a little more planning and preparation before take-off. Ensure you check and comply with all airline and government travel requirements before arriving at the airport and at every stage of your journey.

All travel requirements can change without prior notice, it is critical you review your requirements regularly and at least 48 hours prior to departure. Refer to your TTA itinerary for more detailed info.

Interstate Travel

Borders are beginning to lift around the country. It is important that no travel is booked without first checking the border status at your destination.

For the most up to date state border information please click here.

International Travel

Effective from the 1st November 2021, fully vaccinated Australians citizens and permanent residents are eligible for international travel without first seeking a travel exemption to leave Australia. Passengers who do not meet the eligibility requirements must continue to follow the current border processes.

Please ensure your passport has adequate validity for your destinations (most countries require a minimum of 6 months validity beyond intended stay). Please ensure your travel arrangements are in the name(s) exactly as shown in your passport.

You need to have been fully vaccinated with a TGA-approved or recognised vaccine and provided with a vaccination certificate issued by a verified source. In accordance with Australian Government guidelines, a traveller is not fully vaccinated unless at least seven full calendar days have elapsed since the last dose of vaccine in a course of immunisation.

Each destination, transit point and airline has specific requirements on Vaccinations, PCR Testing (you may need to have had/show evidence of multiple PCR tests over multiple days on both departure and arrival), Quarantine may be mandatory (at your expense) and Visas may now need to be obtained for previously visa free destinations. All may need some time to organise. Check for more information.

If you do not meet the eligibility requirements, you must continue to follow the current border processes on return to Australia.

Let’s get you moving again.

Let’s get you moving again.

Since the beginning of the pandemic we haven’t been able to stop thinking about how to get you moving again. More importantly, we’ve been focussed on how we can keep you travelling – safely and efficiently – and give you certainty in uncertain times.

So rather than sitting on our hands over the past two years, we’ve been diligently putting in the groundwork to ensure we’re ready to overcome today’s travel challenges, and fully prepared to deal with whatever tomorrow might bring.

From managing tickets on hold and refunds, to engaging with world leading advisories in order to retain expert status, and developing new technology to simplify travel and ensure all your travel credits are ready to use, we’ve already done the hard work so you don’t have to.

Now more than ever, our experience, expertise and connections are what you need. The future may be unknown but we’re here to help you face it. We’ve already thought about the issues below and are ready to talk when you are.

Managing travellers’ expectations (and concerns)

We’ve spent the past few months completing the ultimate crash course in the travel world’s new conditions and protocols, and we guarantee we’ll be keeping ourselves completely up-to-date as they continue to evolve. That makes us the best people to talk to when it comes to ensuring your people stay safe and healthy, even when circumstances change. Our best‑in-class booking technology, risk management platforms and duty-of-care procedures help ensure we deliver travellers safely, door‑to-door. But nothing can beat the responsiveness of our expertly informed team, ready to proactively identify and manage emerging challenges that technology can’t. We’ll also help you update support resources so your staff are fully informed before they travel and ready to deal with the new normal, from E-tickets to contactless check-in.

Give yourself some credit

From managing tickets on hold and refunds, to utilising your frequent flyer points and getting your points balance down, we’re here to make sure you don’t waste a thing. We’ll help you squeeze every last cent of value out of what you’re due and avoid unnecessary new charges. Give yourself the credit you deserve and make sure everything gets used – after all, you’ve already paid for it.

No risky business

Take advantage of our expertise and insight to bring your company’s travel policy up-to-date, then let us help you maintain its currency in the face of change. Pick our brains so your travel and risk management policies, strategies and resources continue to meet evolving travel protocols.

Get connected, stay connected

Our connections are your connections. The deep working relationships our teams maintain with their airline, hotel, car and travel supplier partners give you access to invaluable insights, knowledge and expertise… and the ability to overcome any unexpected challenges both today and in the future. Reap the rewards of our connections.

Don’t be a stranger

Talk to us about how to take full advantage of TTAConnect (our best-practice duty-of-care software) to stay in constant contact with your people, even in an emergency, and make sure they have the resources and advice they need, when they need them.

We know travel

We know how and where to find value for our clients, and we know that’s especially important in these uncertain times. We know how all of the travel industry’s moving parts fit and work together. We know people in every corner of the travel ecosystem and what makes them tick. We know our clients, we know their priorities, we know what matters to them, what they need and want. Often even before they do.

If we don’t already know you we’d like to get to. Above all, we’d like to help you get moving again.

Some practical advice for every step of the way.

  • Check travel requirements (with travel manager)
  • Check quarantine requirements (domestic and international)
  • Check visa requirements and border restrictions
  • Check cancellation policies with all suppliers
  • Access latest COVID-19 information in transit and at destination
  • Confirm your medical insurance coverage/prepare for special health needs
  • Check documentation for permission to travel

(For your health and that of others)

  • Alcohol-based hand sanitiser (check local limits)
  • Additional protective face coverings (you’ll probably need to wear a mask while travelling)
  • Medical card indicating any underlying health conditions and necessary medication/allergies
  • Anti-bacterial wipes for phone, arm rests, door handles and other high-touch surfaces
  • Regular hygiene supplies (toothpaste, mouthwash, etc.)
  • Refillable water bottle
  • Avoid sharing rides and public transport
  • Check rental car company sanitation policies
  • Confirm with drivers what cleaning measures have been taken when entering the car
  • Wear a mask throughout the journey if using a car service
  • Sanitise hands for at least 20 seconds before entering and after exiting the car
  • Check if restroom/facility access is reduced
  • Arrive earlier than normal to allow for changes to screening and boarding processes and boarding order
  • Wear a mask both at the airport and during your flight (you may be asked to remove it for security checks)
  • Check-in on your mobile device and use an E-boarding pass/E-ticket when possible
  • Maintain social distancing
  • Check what inflight services will be offered before boarding
  • Verify if restaurants/lounges/facilities are open and what sanitation measures are being implemented
  • Temperature checks may be required and you may be denied boarding if you have a fever (guidelines vary, but 38°C is a general cutoff)
  • Expect changes to flight procedures, such as longer boarding times, empty middle seats, and reduced service from flight attendants
  • Check health and hygiene measures of accommodation
  • Use mobile check-in when possible
  • Wear a mask in public spaces
  • Expect changes to food services and onsite amenities, including reduced restaurant hours and food offerings
  • Check if housekeeping and general services are reduced
  • Make restaurant or transfer reservations in advance when possible to account for facility occupancy limits
  • Stay informed with the latest information throughout your trip
  • If you are displaying COVID-19 symptoms or feeling unwell, reschedule your travel plans for a later date

If you would like more information or discuss your travel policy please contact us on + 61 1300 935 669 or

Our Response To Covid-19

  • All our offices are open for business – virtually or for real – depending on government regulations.

  • We have reduced staff numbers, but we are covering all our normal services during normal business hours.

  • You can call us on all our normal numbers or contact us by e‑mail the way you always have.

  • Our after-hours service continues operating normally, so we are here for you 24/7.

  • All our online booking tools, reporting dashboards and all other technology will be maintained for you, ready for use at any time, fully supported by our amazing account managers and operations team.

  • Our risk management and duty of care tools are now more important than ever – ask us to show you how they work.

  • We voluntarily run a trust account which is independently audited every year. This makes us subject to the laws of running a trust account, and guarantees we hold your money in trust and only use it for your own travel.

  • We remain optimistic and we have a detailed continuity plan in place to ensure we’re here for you when this situation ends. We know it will.

  • We know there is little you can do for us right now, but when life returns to normal and you’re ready to book your corporate or holiday travel or your conference or event, our amazing award winning team will be ready to look after you, your families, friends and anybody you could refer to us. We would really love that.

Travelling within Australia

Some Australian states and territories have introduced new measures in response to Coronavirus that may impact your interstate travel. Review the latest information for each state:

Covid-19 Recommended Resources

Further up-to-date information on COVID-19 is available on the Department of Health website and the latest Smartraveller travel advice is available here.